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Smart Relays - Logic Relays

Industrial Automation

Smart relays, or Logic relays, are essentially a simplified PLC with limited functionality. They are designed to replace a number of standard electromechanical and electronic relays as found in machine automation where the task does not require a full PLC.

Typically, a smart relay is programmed in a simplified ladder logic or function block format.
Ladder logic is generally a better understood programming format in New Zealand, so we have chosen the ladder logic programming format. The smart relays include input coils and output contacts, internal coils and contacts, timers, counters, time clocks and messages.

Smart relays can be used to provide control functions requiring multiple timers, counters and relays and replace a moderate circuit with multiple components with a single component at a fraction of the price.

Irrigation Monitor and Control

Irrigation systems require a number of protection systems that must be enabled at the right time.
Typically, a pumping system will include over pressure protection and under pressure protection as well as low flow protection in addition to the usual motor protection systems.
When the pump is first started, the low pressure protection must be disabled for a period of time in order to allow the pipe to be filled. After the pipe has been filled, the low pressure protection is enabled. Additional timers are commonly used to slow down the response time to overpressure and under pressure conditions to filter out short term surges from valves opening etc.
In a typical installation, there would be a number of relays and timers. With a smart relay, these are all incuded in the smart relay, so there is only one component to pruchase and wire to. This reduces the compnent cost and the wiring time, plus additional circitry can be added at no additional cost.


Home Automation

Simple, affordable and reliable devices that allow simple tasks such as garage door and gate control, appliace control and interlocking to minimise energy wastage.



Programming is easily achieved using the G-soft NX software which uses a graphical interface to enable ladder logic programming.
Want help in learning to program, see the programming 101 training videos and ask questions on the forum.